b a c k y a r d     s t u d i o

Join us for a portrait session in our backyard Decatur studio. We'll spend up to an hour and a half with you, in a play-based session capturing a mix of candid and formal portraits. The yard's classic elements of water, air, fire and earth foster a relaxed, fun atmosphere that leads to great pictures.

Sessions in our backyard studio are designed to be an adventure! Here's just a taste of what you can expect:

  • ~A soothing water feature and in ground hot tub encourage water play and relaxation on our lower-level, wheelchair accessible patio.

  • ~A log wall and fire pit are the perfect rustic backdrop for warm family photos -and- an occasional s'mores session!

  • ~An easily accessible tree house offers hanging bells, glowing lanterns and a peaceful porch swing.

  • ~Our small flock of hens is happy to welcome you to their coop and share their fresh, colorful eggs.

We designed the backyard space with careful consideration for families with special needs. The upper and lower level patios are wheel-chair accessible and sensory considerations are in place for anyone on the Autism spectrum. We regularly work with those who have ADD/ADHD, Down syndrome, cancer, Asperger's, developmental disorders, genetic disorders and other sensory conditions.

We provide a convenient, private area for changing clothes and washing up. Sessions can be rain or shine, snow or freezing. We often modify them for indoor and outdoor play with galoshes and rain jackets or cozy blankets and sweaters. If you'd rather reschedule, though, we're happy to oblige for a nominal fee.

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