s p o n s o r     a     f a m i l y

The Life on Film team is inspired by organizations that give back and we regularly donate our time as professional photographers to national organizations like Flashes of Hope. We believe all families should have the opportunity to experience great photography that captures memories, inspires and encourages all who view the images.

We invite corporations, foundations, non-profits and individuals to become portrait sponsors. There are so many ways to help. You can provide prints and albums at greatly reduced rates to families within our community who are in need of a positive experience and photographs that stand the test of time. You can also give anonymously or contribute directly to families that you personally know.

Whether you can sponsor a single portrait session or 100, your financial contribution will make a meaningful difference to a family.

n o m i n a t e     a     f a m i l y

Do you know of a family that would benefit from a positive backyard portrait experience but may not have the budget for professional photography?

Nominate a family for our portrait sponsorship program. Let us know about your connection to the family and why you think they would benefit from a session. Rest assured you can remain anonymous if desired.

You don't have to sponsor a photography session in order to nominate a family, but verification of need status is required. You may not nominate your own family for the program.


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